Early This morning we were messaged by our old and trusted friends at LCT Airsoft to let us know that their page on Facebook had been suspended! 

They told us..

“We regret to inform you that LCT Airsoft’s Facebook fan page is currently suspended. LCT Airsoft is an airsoft company, and Airsoft is a safe and healthy outdoor sport. We were hoping to use the Facebook platform to interact and communicate with everyone in a friendly manner.

“We kindly ask for your support in spreading this post and tagging Facebook’s official account ( Facebook) to help us reinstate our official page. Hopefully we can work together to bring back LCT Airsoft’s page so that we can continue providing you all with more information in the future. If you have any other suggestions or methods, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you all for your help and support! The original URL of the suspended fan page of LCT Airsoft: https://www.facebook.com/LCTAIRSOFT?mibextid=LQQJ4d

We have already shared this message to the Airsoft Action social media pages, but thought we had to make a further statement here as, once again, we see META arbitrarily closing an airsoft-related page, and to us this sets a very worrying precedent as it’s now an airsoft manufacturer being targeted rather than individuals, which was bad enough!

We see this clamping down on anything vaguely “gun-shaped” ourselves on Facebook. Airsoft Action magazine receives on average 45-50,000 reads per month, and our website traffic is “busy” on a daily basis with our posted news items… yet anything we share to META platforms garners just a handful of “likes”… go figure THAT!

This is why we have created the Airsoft Action Website as a standalone entity that we control 100%; anything we post on our own web space (like this statement) is controlled directly by us, and NOT by any third party. A larger majority of the daily news content that you see on social media from us is generated from the website and shared to social media, so that we control the base information from the moment we share it.

Whilst we are very aware that there are numerous other social media platforms available to us as airsofters and as airsoft businesses, and indeed to those like LCT that provide excellent products for our appreciation and perfectly legal enjoyment, we believe that this is a yet another direct attack by META on our freedom of speech and our freedom to share information as a truly global airsoft community, and as a part of the wider world of shooting sports.

We MUST NOT let things like this slide, but must demand as a united community all over the world that our freedoms are respected.

We will be supporting LCT Airsoft (and any of our industry friends and partners who suffer the same fate!) completely whilst they appeal against the suspension of their Facebook page, and we have offered to host any announcements they might have while they sort things out.

Please be sure to join the campaign and help LCT return to their rightful place on Facebook, and speak out when you do so!

To give an indication of our own immediate support, here’s a short video from Stewbacca’s recent factory visit showing their fabulous “AK WALL” which we hope that you will all enjoy as a very visual reminder of the type of thing that LCT bring to our community each and every day!