We’re just cracking open the door and checking out what the weekend ahead has lined up, but as summer holiday season has started in earnest, then a few of The AA LEGION are starting their annual breaks just like some of you are too!

Miguel told us that “it’s time to officially start our holidays. Normally we take a 1-month break around this time of the year!”… and oh boy, have Miguel and his fellow GHOSTs earned their downtime or what; we wish them all the very best for their vacation time!

That said there’s a LOT going on out there and we’re seeing a whole heap of weekenders, big games, and airsoft events going on all over the world! None of us want to be “chairsofters” but it’s a whole heap more fun slinging BBs when you don’t have bad weather to contend with, right?

And for most of the AA Crew it’s still business as usual this coming weekend; Stewbacca tells “Team TaiJi will be taking a second trip to our new airport side outdoor brushland site to get some gaming in there, we have two out of town friends back in country and among us to get some trigger time in and I’ll be giving the new LCT SVDS some more testing time along with likely trying out the VFC FAL with all its barrel upgrades completed. Funtimes, fellow shooters…”

Bill is back from his exciting training event last weekend with FAST TACTICAL, and straight back on the range with more AEGs and GBBs to put through their paces; he reported in that “testing never really stops when it comes to what we do at AA; if we’re not testing something new (like the G&G FAR and SGR I have under evaluation) then we’re looking at upping the BB count on our long-term test models… we’re about half-way through the RED CELL program right now, and where we started with 10 models in each category that’s now risen to 15… thankfully I just took in another delivery of BBs from NUPROL so it’s all god again!”
Boycie is #REDACTED on his range report again, although he did manage to mutter that “I will be testing out a new GBBP with some other items. That’s as far as I can say for now…”

The AA Techs are busy as ever too, and Dan told us “looks like more LMG’s in the future for me! On the docket is a Classic Army Stoner 96 that’s not running up to proper snuff. The customer wants it fully upgraded from top to bottom. Depending on how that goes, I might also have time to get to an A&K M60 E4 MOD 0, which is also going to be fully upgraded.

Then I have a CYMA SR-25 DMR build that needs to be finished up and tested. It’s been held up for lack of any TITAN’s to go around. I’ve been scrounging for whatever I can get there. Aside from that are some fiddly small projects that need to be finished out. All just waiting on minor odds and ends that are slowly trickling in through the mail from across the (bigger) pond….”

So, all in all a busy week and a busy weekend ahead! We hope that you’ve got some airsoft plans of your own lined up, and that a really big adventure lies through that door… wherever you’re playing though, and whatever type of airsoft you enjoy…

Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!