We’re always on the lookout for something a bit different, and the X1 XTREME CO2 BLOWBACK just in at TAIWANGUN definitely caught our eye, coming as it does courtesy of APS!

APS from Hong Kong are renowned for their Electric Blow Back Rifles, Co2 Pistols, and the Thunder B grenade family. In recent years they have gained a good reputation in the market due to the incorporation of the e-Silver Edge Gear Box.

But the APS X1 Xtreme CO2 Blowback takes things a step further as it is a “Gas Blowback (GBB) masterpiece” or so they say! This exceptional airsoft gun, available in several formats (we particularly like the AR Pistol model pictured!) and features both Semi and Fully Automatic shooting modes, providing versatility and excitement and boasts a unique Short Stroke system, delivering incredible recoil despite its compact design. This feature allrgedly “enhances the realism and thrill of every shot, making it a must-have for airsoft enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience”.

What we have ascertained is that the X1 features the new APS G.Box, a concept that sets it apart from other GBBRs on the market.

TAIWANGUN tell us that;

“Although a similar idea was introduced by a Taiwan company in the past, APS took this concept and diligently worked on its development since 2018, making significant improvements and innovations. Now, after four years of hard work, APS proudly presents the enhanced and redesigned GBBR that surpasses the original Taiwanese model. One of the key features of the APS G.Box GBBR is its compatibility with AEG receivers. The G.Box is designed to seamlessly fit into AEG receivers, making it a unique and user-friendly product. Furthermore, APS has rigorously tested the system and found that Co2 serves as the primary gas source for all APS G.Box rifles. This innovative gas system ensures excellent performance even in cold weather conditions, ranging from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

To enhance the durability and performance of the rifle, APS has utilized steel for internal components such as the firing pin, trigger, hammer, and disconnector. The result is a rugged and reliable GBBR that can withstand extensive use. In fact, APS has subjected the G.Box GBBR to an extensive durability test since 2021, firing over 35,000 rounds of BBs, and it continues to perform exceptionally well.

Similar to other GBB rifles available, the APS G.Box model features a functional bolt lock system. When the magazine is empty, the bolt locks at the back, providing a realistic shooting experience with sensible recoil and a satisfying kick. A significant advantage of the APS G.Box GBBR is its cost-effectiveness. By retaining 90% of the parts from existing AEG models and only updating the G.Box itself, magazine, Hop-Up Unit in VSR standards, Inner/Outer Barrel, APS has managed to keep the price close to that of standard AEGs in the market. This affordability makes it accessible to a wide range of Airsoft enthusiasts.”

Now that’s some pretty large claims, but it genuinely gets us thinking, and also somewhat excited! As big GBBR fans we’re always keen to see new developments in this area, so we’re looking forward to the chance of getting “hands on” with an APS X1 as soon as the opportunity presents itself!