We’ve been spending a lot of time here at AAHQ and throughout the AA Crew with our SMGs in the last few weeks ready for our RED CELL UPDATE coming in ISSUE 163, and of course front and centre among the 15 MODELS spoken about is the awesome VORSK VMP-1!

But… BUT!!!

Talking of “updates” the guys at VORSK have just dropped a HUGE one over on the NUPROL in-house blog, and it’s exciting as a very-exciting-thing; we’ve certainly never seen a manufacturer be this open about their development process, and it just goes to show how truly inclusive the VORSK team is! They tell us;

“It has been a few weeks since we last updated you all on the VMP-2 series.

Since its wonderful reception at IWA 2024, the Vorsk team has been back in the “skunkworks,” tinkering and improving on what you all saw at the initial launch.

The team took all feedback and suggestions back to the drawing board and made a few significant changes to help improve the usability and experience of the VMP-2 series.”

The blog then goes on to show some absolutely top-notch graphics and animations of exactly WHAT has been changed, letting everyone see exactly what’s been going on!

They go on to say;

“The team has changed the way that the VMP-2 breaks down. With the addition of new body pins, the VMP-2 can be broken down more like the AR platform. This addition has allowed for easier maintenance, with the upper and lower receivers now splitting into separate parts, rather than the original design which required all the fire controls to be removed to access any of the internals. This has, in turn, allowed for an easier “drop-in” ability for the trigger group, enabling the user to switch more efficiently between select fire and semi-only trigger groups if desired.”

And there’s a LOT more to see in the article here, so rather than just replicating it in full we’d urge all of you interested in the VMP-2 to go an check out this comprehensive update HERE!

We’re just as excited as all of you to see the VMP-2 come to life… not long now, not long…