It’s incredible to think that 80 YEARS AGO TODAY young men and women from many nations, some of them far younger than those of you reading this, were already involved in the largest seaborne invasion in history!

Along with air and airborne operations, it was the beginning of the liberation of France and Western Europe, and the beginning of the end for an oppressive and evil regime that had terrorised so many parts of the world.

Within the AA Crew we still have people whose fathers were on the beaches on this fateful day, and whose mothers waited for news of their loved ones as they stormed ashore in Normandy, succeeding with bravery and tenacity against massive odds.

There are countless events taking place today both in the UK and overseas, many of them easily accessible online; even if you don’t search out any of these we’d ask you to take a moment in your day to remember the sacrifices made on 6 June 1944 by those young men and women who fought to ensure the fragile freedoms we have today.