Any regular readers of Airsoft Action will know that we’ve been following the rollout of the VORSK brand from the very beginning, and it’s undoubtedly a story that has become a huge success, giving airsofters worldwide some very special GBBs!

And now VORSK have entered the 6mm BB market with one of the most comprehensive BB ranges that we’ve see, comprising 5 styles, across 8 weight classes, with 6 different size options, resulting in 96 unique products that come beautifully and precisely packaged!

Instead of being forced to buy over 3,000 BBs for each desired weight, VORSKs new, smaller container sizes allow you to buy exactly what you need; 2000 .25g and 1100 .25g Tracer BBs for your AEG, no problem!, A small bottle of .36g for your DMR, easy! The convenience of having smaller bottles gives the ability to carry them onto the field to match your choice of primary, with the 2000 BB bottle fitting nicely into a 40mm grenade pouch. Lower size options also give players more choice when preparing their loadouts.

Of course, VORSK also want to provide for players looking to purchase in bulk; the 3600 BB bottles offer additional savings when compared to the standard 3000 and 3300-count bottles, and 1kg resealable bags along with huge 25 kg sacks finish off the range of size options!

Your favoured site will also play a role when deciding your choice of BB; many CQB Events are held inside, in contained areas, whilst the majority of skirmishes still take place on woodland sites, and these woodland sites can sometimes be found bordering Nature Reserves where there is a legal requirement to run Bio-Degradable BBs; in fact, location is key for some players in territories where plastic BBs are no longer used at all. VORSKs range of Bio-Degradable BBs is broad to say the least as .20g to .43g BBs are on offer, as well as Bio BBs infused with Tracer Green for those night-time battles!

Tracer Green and Tracer Red BBs are also available as standard plastic.

We all know that high-grade BBs are essential to get best performance from our AEGs and GBBs, and VORSK BBs come in with a consistent 5.95mm diameter (+/- 0.01 mm tolerance), are triple polished and manufactured in such a way as to ensure a consistent “centre of mass” throughout regardless of weight, which of course leads to enhanced performance, shot after shot; thankfully the guys at VORSK sent us a “goodie box” of the new BBs across the weight/type range and we’re pleased to report that in testing we found zero issues in loading and feeding, the new BBs performing very well indeed in multiple AEG and GBB platforms.

As yet (given that our outdoor woodland range is deep in snow right now!) we’ve been unable to test them “at range”, but rest assured we’ll do so as soon as possible and will report back as soon as we have!

We’ve come to expect A LOT from VORSK, and with the new BB range it would certainly appear from our initial 10m testing that once again they have met our expectations and surpassed them.

You can check out all the new BBs by visiting the VORSK CONSUMABLES PAGE, and we’re told that these will be arriving with your favourite shops right about now!