Ever since we saw the release of the airsoft version of the unique and futuristic Hudson H9 GBB by EMG Arms we’ve been been to gt out hands on one for testing especially as Bill as shot the “real deal” on Range Day at SHOT 2017!

Unveiled to the firearm world in 2017 at SHOT, the Hudson H9 made an impression in the firearms industry with its unique performance, styling and characteristics. After three years of development, the Hudson H9 went on to hold multiple patent pending features in pistol design which successfully combined the characteristics of a 1911 style pistol with that of a modern striker fired handgun.

While Hudson as a company ultimately failed, there is a glimmer that we might see the H9 rise again one day, and this is still a topic of discussion for many of the initial owners of this unusual pistol, along with gun owners who never had a chance to buy one. For now it would seem that if you want to own a “new Hudson” then the 6mm “training variant” offered by EMG is as good as it gets!

EMG were so impressed with how the real-life Hudson H9 felt and performed, they just had to bring this magnificent pistol to the 6mm training/airsoft market. Following their strict guidelines and emphasis for accuracy of the product to its real-life counterpart as well as performance in airsoft, they collaborated with Hudson Mfg. directly to make this project happen. Features of the airsoft pistol include:

Overall Length: 7.625″ (193.67mm)
Overall Height: 5.225″ (132.71mm)
Overall Width: 1.24″ (31.49mm)
Weight: 18.9oz (535.8g)
Magazine: 25 rd Green Gas
Holster Compatibility: TBA
Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane
Firing Mode: Semi Automatic, Safety
System: Gas Blowback
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Finally thanks to the team at iWholesales we’ve managed to get “hands on” with this super replica, and we’re looking forward to giving it some range-action in the coming weeks! As he shot the real pistol Bill will be bringing a unique insight to just HOW close this replica is to the “real deal”, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!