After a lengthy period of teasing, the Browning Mk3 from WE Airsoft is finally with us, and we’ve already had it under scrutiny to see if it’s been worth the wait!

The short answer is “yes, oh YES!!!”, but you’ll have to wait until the new issue goes live on 15th November to see the full report from AA Red Cell shooter Boycie!

So many of us have been waiting for a “proper Browning”, and as Boycie says in his review;

“Ever since I heard that WE were to release a Mk3 Browning, I was constantly on the lookout for more news of when it would arrive. Feeling like a kid at Christmas, it now has arrived in my hands, which made my week… My AA Red Cell colleague Chris is also eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Mk3 to go with his Australian Defence Force (ADF) kit, as is Bill for his Cold War collection! This just goes to show that even amongst a small group of airsoft friends the lure of the Browning is great, and covers many periods and conflicts!”

Be sure to check out the full review on the 15th, but these lovely pistols are now landing with all good WE Airsoft dealers, so make sure to check with your local shop about stock availability as they are bound to go fast! You can also keep up to date by visiting the WE Airsoft website, or by following them on their social media channels like