The guys over at TAIWANGUN have given us a heads up that as of tomorrow (December 17th) they will be suspending shipments to the UK… but the good news is that they’ll be back for our 2021 business on 11th January if all goes to plan!

We’ve been hearing from some of the distributors in the UK that shipments are currently being held up in the backlogs we’re seeing at the ports at the moment, with container delivery stalling before they even get to UK warehouses; Bill, who lives close to the Port of Dover reports that this morning there was an extensive line of trucks waiting to head out, so who knows what’s happening over the channel in Calais!

Let’s hope that everything can be resolved in the New Year (and we mean EVERYTHING!) so that we can all start to get back to some kind of normality (whatever “normal” is these days!).

Thanks to TAIWANGUN for letting us share this information, and if there’s any last minute bits you need from them, then you’d better get your order in today!