It would seem that although some folk are winding down for Christmas already (we’ll be shutting the office (s) on Friday 18th), our good friends at LayLax are still cranking out some airsoft righteousness, this time in the form of their new Picatinny Rear Stock Base for MP5 users!

They tell us:

“Our newest line is aimed at changing not only the way you attach stocks but also increasing the variety of stocks available. The new Picatinny Rear Stock Base series has been developed to allow for 20mm stock options including pistol type braces and compact rifle stocks.

The first of this series of new picatinny stock bases is our MP5 stock base which enables a stockless MP5k option for any of your full sized Tokyo Marui based MP5s. Then later you can add our 20mm buffer tube adapter if you wish to use a M4 stock.

Not only is installation much faster and easier than traditional stocks, its much lighter, compact, and its height is fully adjustable. This allows for maximum customization when it comes to various eye protection solutions so that you can have optimal sight lines for aiming. Shooting glasses or Dye masks, adjust it to your liking!”

They also tell us that they have more types of adapter coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned for more airsoft friends, and get that modern look you’ve always wanted!