So, with the latest issue live, and the next issue already well underway for January, it’s nearly time for the Airsoft Action crew to bunker down for their Christmas Festivities, and nothing says “Christmas” to us like Cartman Santa with a tiny silver AK in the tree!

We do hold the spirit of Christmas dear, and we hope that this one, although it will most certainly be different for many of us all around the world, will still be a happy and merry time for all, and for some seasonal fun we thought that we’d do something a bit different! During the summer, following a range day and when all the AEGS and GBBs were safely locked away, a bunch of got together for a barbeque; after one or three “adult beverages” were consumed we got to kicking around the idea to re-write “The Twelve Days of Christmas” substituting airsoft words and phrases, so for instance “Five Gold Rings” became “Five Gold Springs”…

Now as you’ll know by now, we do have some very “creative” writers amongst the team, so this idea got thrown open to our contributors group as a whole, and now we bring you our three favourite re-interpretations of that Christmas Classic! Okay, we’re certainly not going to be “Christmas #1”, but we hope you’ll enjoy this in the spirit of good will and festive fun intended!

And of course, if you have your own reworkings please do send them to us; perhaps we’ll make this a “thing” each and every Christmas!

Steve T

Twelve drum mags drumming

Eleven snipers sniping

Ten joules a’creeping

Nine a.m. briefing

Eight teas with milk in

Seven techs a-shimming

Six mines a-laying


Four covert Ops

Three Czech Brens

Two camo gloves

And a brand new AR15!


Twelve mags misfeeding

Eleven SAWs a’beating

Ten speeds competing

Nine snipers crawling

Eight grenades a’rolling

Seven Moscarts loaded

Six safe zone moaners


Four crawling noobs

Three trench guns

Two verti-grips

And a cartridge loading shottyyyy…

Bill (No, the Other One!)

12 walk on rentals

11 hits a’calling

10 batteries dying

9 eyepros fogging

8 mags a’dropping

7 late arrivals

6 gucci lovers


4 popping smoke

3 chrono fails

2 fell in mud

And a new RIF under every tree