As much as the AR is undoubtedly “king of the airsoft field” when it comes to player usage around the world, there’s an increasing number of us who are embracing AEG and GBB versions of “Mikhail’s Child” and running out some pretty cool AKs these days!

Paraphrasing comment on the excellent SureFire News online resource, like the AR and its variants, “there are plenty of AKs available to suit various budgets”. You can spend as little as UK£100 on a basic airsoft AK, or you can “go hog wild” and spend significantly more!. Finding the right AK for you is a simple matter of assessing your needs. A cheap AEG is more than adequate for those who want an AK but aren’t necessarily planning to put BBs through it regularly, but with some relatively inexpensive mods you can increase any budget model’s performance and utility, and this is something that we’ll look at in the future in detail!

As much as we may love an AK though, what do we really know about them other than the history, and what goes into a properly “modern” version? SureFire have just placed an excellent post and video on their blog featuring an “AK Guru” that Bill as had the pleasure of meeting in person; Jim Fuller is an internationally recognized expert with the Kalashnikov rifle. The founder of Rifle Dynamics, he sold the company in 2017 and stayed on as a consultant until 2019. Jim has been one of the main contributors to the AK’s growth and popularity in America, and he’s now founded Fuller Phoenix to get back to his roots of building/designing durable fighting rifles.

So perhaps it’s time to update your “AK Know-How”, and for more information on Jim Fuller and Fuller Phoenix, visit, and just click HERE to visit the SureFire Blog to check out what Jim has to say about the real AK and it’s usage today!