GATE have been VERY busy with their continued drive to offer new, exciting and useful products in relation to internal AEG performance, and they’ve been in touch to let us know that they are just a few weeks away from the official premiere of the STATUS computer! It will be the first professional accessory mounted directly on the replica feeding players real-time data from their AEG to reinforce every tactical decision. No more surprises with an empty magazine or a discharged battery!

Something that we talk more regularly about these days is that data is the key to victory, and thanks to GATE. finally, it is time to use it fully to our advantage! Imagine the most important data available at your fingertips ready to help you make a decision and support your team. Just connect your ASTER or TITAN ETU with STATUS via Blu-Link and you are ready to go! As we’ve been working a LOT with the latest ASTER and the GATE CONTROL SYSTEM (GCS) the STATUS is most definitely something we’re keen to try ourselves!

What functions are there?

Thanks to the BB counter, you will always know how many BBs have been shot from the magazine, indicating the best time to change out. STATUS will also show you the estimated number of shots left on the battery. The replica angle indicator shows even the slightest AEG deviation from vertical alignment since even a few degrees are enough to stop the BB from reaching the target. The screen will also show you the AEG battery charge level, low battery warning, and fire mode notifications. The last one informs you about the current setting while switching the fire selector e.g. BURST, BINARY TRIGGER, SEMI, etc. Still need more realism? Turn on the magazine simulation and set the number of magazines you want to use. The magazine counter will show you the remaining number of magazines. Turn on bolt-catch reset and after each magazine, just push the assigned button, or make a specific side gesture with the replica to reset the bolt catch and continue shooting. Last but not least, you get four customizable Dashboards, just pick what you want to see and place it on the screen. STATUS is constantly being developed, so expect more features soon after the premiere.

What about durability?

The tactical computer is equipped with an OLED display protected with polycarbonate glass covered with 3mk FlexibleGlass™. Together with water and dust resistant CNC aircraft grade aluminum body, STATUS is designed to operate even in challenging conditions. The device has an IP68 certificate and meets MIL-STD-810H* standards. Need more? The company’s internal stress tests showed that STATUS has ultra-high resistance to BB impact, which was tested on: 0,33g BBs, energy 2J, distance 1 m/~3 ft. GATE also rolled over it with a military grade Hummer and froze the computer in -20°C.

As the guys at GATE say, “Take the next step, reinforce your tactical decisions with data and get the confidence necessary to win!”.