For many OPFOR enthusiasts the time has almost come for the latest LCT Airsoft Support Gun to arrive in the form of the (RKP) LCK-16!

This will sit perfectly in the OPFOR Armoury for any player or team that likes a bit of “Ratnik” in their style of loadout alongside the (AK) LCK-12 that we reviewed in Issue 107!

We’ve been following the development of the LCK-16, a fabulous looking support AEG, and it looks that in conjunction with the new gun itself LCT Airsoft will also be providing a whole bundle of accessory parts from the “Z-Series” line to go with it!

Certain members of the Airsoft Action team are VERY excited to see this new AEG, and we’ll be reporting back on our findings just as soon as one gets to us for testing.