With the sun shining and a bright blue sky above it looks like our range testing days this week are FINALLY going to be warm and dry! And when the temperature starts to climb you can bet your bottom dollar that the AA crew will be getting into shorts for the range (although we’ll stick with long trousers for game days of course!) so when you need to go properly “tacti-COOL” then we thoroughly recommend that you try the UTS, Urban Tactical Shorts, from Helikon-Tex!

The cut and pockets layout allow them to stay civilian enough not to raise eyebrows (unless you pick the new Tigerstripe versions!), while still allowing you to wear full set of tactical equipment. An elastic velcro-closed waist allows a measure of adjustment within the size. Large belt loops allow wide belts like EDC, UTL® or Cobra®. Plus the cut (nicked from blue jeans, out of all the styles to choose from!) prevents excess material getting in the way of your pistol draw!

By judicious layout of the pockets, equipment can be placed close to the centre mass, around the hips and waist. Front and rear pocket edges are reinforced to withstand constant movement of taclites or knife clips. Two velcro-closed front pockets are big enough to carry a smartphone, or even an AR/AK rifle magazine! Thigh zippered pockets look flat, but the design allows pouches or wallets to be carried with ease. A wide variety of colours allows to match shorts to the rest of wardrobe or working conditions if you’re that much of a “fashion hound”…

We’ve been wearing the UTS for a while now, and Helikon-Tex constantly update them; if you’re looking for some cool and fully-functional shorts for those warm-weather training or range days, then these come very much “tried and tested” by the AA team!