The guys at LAYLAX are in full-tease mode on their socials again, and this week it’s all about the SOCOM MK23… and some rather natty MC TROP shorts!

The MK23 is as popular as ever, especially amongst those in the “Sniper Fraternity” and we’re more than aware that there are some highly-fettled models out in the wild punching out some serious performance numbers, but we’re also well aware that that long old trigger pull can be a right pain in the proverbial parts!

With the NINEBALL upgrade parts the guys tell us that the MK23 Lightweight Trigger Kit aims to optimize and recalibrate the settings of the SOCOM MK23 by fine tuning both the trigger unit itself and modifying the gas system. The lightweight hammer and hammer spring decrease the amount of force required to reciprocate the trigger mechanism, making for a exceptionally lighter trigger pull. The shorter travel between the wall and reset greatly reduce the amount of movement made between shots, keeping your shots on point every time.

To compensate for the reduced force required to action the trigger, they’ve also re-engineered the knocker and the gas valve to suit green gas. The result is the perfect balance of lightened trigger pull, gas efficiency, and pristine performance.

No more heavy triggers, optimize your Mk23 today!