IWA is just around the corner now, and in fact this time next week Bill and Jimmy will be starting out on their roadtrip to Germany where they’ll be joined by Jase to complete the “AA IWA CREW”!

And one of the first appointments they have is with the lovely people from ARCHWICK who appear to be making the absolute most of their B&T AIR licence among other wonderful GBB things!

Their latest announcement is for something that CQB players are going to absolutely LOVE, and that’s the diminutive yet effective APC9 K!

The B&T APC (Advanced Police Carbine) is a family of firearms produced and manufactured by B&T (Switzerland); announced in 2011, the SMG series uses standard 9×19mm (APC9), .40 S&W (APC40), 10mm Auto (APC10) and .45 ACP (APC45) ammunition in a KURZ or short, package.

This neat little SMG, as B&T themselves tell us, is “the next leap in the evolution of the already proven APC9 Family. With the ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handles and its other advanced features, the APC9 K is the perfect choice whenever a compact 9mm carbine is needed as a personal defence weapon within military applications or for Police duty, especially for undercover or observation operations”.

We’re big fans of small SMGs, especially when they come in GBB form, as for semi-only CQB encounters they are absolutely ideal! The guys are very much looking forward to their meeting with ARCHWICK, and with this kind of platform being developed by them it’s pretty obvious why!