We’ve been watching with great interest as LCT AIRSOFT have been slowly but steadily rolling out their Z SPORT accessory range for AKs, and as there are a few AK-12s now in the AA Armoury we’re really interested to see how we can use these parts to bring our own AEGs bang up to date!

In ISSUE 146 Bill took a look at a couple of their “modern OPFOR” AEGs in the form of the ZK-PDW and ZKS-74UN, and concluded that “It is beyond doubt in my mind that LCT have done more to popularise the “AK” AEG platform in general than any other single manufacturer, and thus far I’ve never had an LCT model in my hands that didn’t deliver the goods in all ways…”

Both these ass-kicking AEGs come fully pre-fitted with a host of LCTs latest accessories; The ZKS-74UN for instance weighs in at 3500g and at 770mm (667mm stock folded) and this neat little model comes as-new with all the base goodies that you could possibly want, like the distinctive side-folding ZPT-1 stock, ZTK-2 muzzle brake, and the ZB rail system; it’s basically a “Modern Tac SU in a box” and just needs an optic and taclite added to be good to go!

However, LCT have now really taken this area to heart with an entire sub-range of their “Z-SERIES” parts that are purpose made to work with their own AEGs (and fit some other brands too!). In this range you can find anything from simple rail sections to full handguards, pistol and foregrips, stocks, muzzle brakes/flash hiders, and even sling mounts with which to modernise your current AK! And now they are releasing the righteous ZB and ZK full rails for their LCK-12/15 variants and these look totally gorgeous… Bill says “I will most definitely be adding one of these to one of the team AK-12s in due course!”

Whatever YOUR flavour of airsoft may be, the simple fact is that if you want a totally bang-on, thoroughly modern AK then LCT will have you covered!