Many of you will have seen that Airsoft Action have made an exciting direct collaboration with WETTI so that we can access the very latest models from WE Airsoft as soon as they are available! We’re very pleased with this situation as WETTI join the ranks of our many “trusted partners” in the industry that we work closely with in terms of development and access, and this is extremely important to us so that we can bring you news of the very latest innovations in the airsoft world.

To be 100% clear this means that we now have a privileged direct line to WETTI in Hong Kong and can work with them not only to keep you fully updated, but we can also speak to them immediately if we find any faults or problems with the samples they are kind enough to send us for testing and evaluation and work with them to find solutions before they become an issue which is a win/win for everyone… not that we’re expecting any problems given our experience with WE Airsoft models in the past!

With this level of direct communication we can give you an accurate picture not only of how a new model performs “from the box”, but also how it continues to perform over time…

To get the ball rolling we’ve just had the shipping advisory that their very latest G-Series Gen 5 “17” model is now winging its way to the AA Office, and we look forward to featuring this as soon as possible. For those that aren’t familiar with the system, the Modular Optic System (MOS) is now available on WE Airsoft G-Series Gen 3, 4 and 5 Gas Blowback Pistols.

The MOS system allows you to install pistol optics while keeping the iron sights as a co-witness option, giving you a choice of mounting a pistol optic without having to remove the rear sight and install a mounting plate. The mounting plates are designed to allow the mounting or various mainstream pistol optic systems.

In the line the MOS option is available on the following models of the G Series Product Line:

WE G17 Gen 5
WE G19 Gen 5
WE G34 Gen 3 & Gen 4
WE G27 Gen 3 & Gen 4

These unique are already out there, so go and grab one for yourself at your nearest airsoft store today, and we look forward to bringing you our “take” on both the G-17 and the MOS system soon!