Training… what is it good for in airsoft terms, and why should you bother?

We’re always interested when we see a conversation in an airsoft group as to the benefits of “training”, and for different areas of the community that can mean very different things!

Whilst it’s obvious that many feel that “airsoft is a game and I don’t need to train like I’m in the army”, and ultimately it is a “game” that we all love, it doesn’t mean that your personal “skill at arms” couldn’t benefit from some attention when training is available. It’s true, we don’t all need to train to kick in doors and fast-rope from helicopters (although this is serious fun all of its own!), but we SHOULD all train continually for safety and proficiency when it comes to using our AEGs and GBBs, shouldn’t we?

During the COVID-19 lockdown period we’ve been privileged to show a series of weekly training videos thanks to our mate Paul Hutchinson at ARG, and we hope that they’ve given some of you some great pointers for “good practice” when it comes to your safety and drills! We’ll be working more with Paul in the future so that we can bring you even more videos and articles so you can continue to add some cool tools to your personal “tactical toolbox”.

Whatever your thoughts may be on training, the simple fact is that even the best airsoft shooters out there can fall into bad habits, habits that only a professional trainer can break you out of, an not just be watching a video or two!

Training is an intimate thing, and you’ll choose your “training tools” for the objective you wish to achieve, and aye, there’s the rub! Many people we see, even hardcore “airsoft shooters”, have used the lockdown as some form of extended vacation, and their personal regimen has gone way, WAY out of the park…

Even the most self-disciplined amongst us, including the Airsoft Action Team, can think “oh, it’s fine, I’ll miss today’s session”, but this quickly leads to a complacent attitude, and ultimately a degradation of skills.

As well as looking after self and gear, you also need to look after your own performance and proficiency and get work done, even when the situation and conditions are challenging; let’s face it, if you can’t find a solution to how to train, then you’re going to find it REAL hard when the “SHTF” in game.

Don’t make excuses, find solutions and action them!