After a great (yet sadly still isolated) weekend on our long ranges another week begins, and this one has started quite literally with a BANG as the new VORSK CS DEFENDER PRO has landed with us for testing in readiness for the new monthly issue on the 15th!

We usually spend more time on the range with any new test model before giving an opinion, but as we already have an overview of the “VORSK Test Pool” pistols ready to roll for Issue 124 we’ll be putting the new DEFENDER through its paces during this week to include it! What we can tell you immediately is that the DEFENDER PRO has an entirely new slide featuring three forward vent ports, a top slide ripple pattern and rippled slide grips. The design of the vent ports has been incorporated unto a new “twist and click” moderator that is very easy to remove. Included is a spare barrel bushing if it is the non-moderated look that is required. The pistol grips are a split wood/polymer construction, and this leads to a visually striking design. Finally, a solid trigger is being used for the first time on a VORSK model.

Although we believe that any pistol should be in a holster and not in the box, what we do like is that these GBB replicas come in a magnetically sealed box with Velcro patch holders and a Manual sleeve, allowing the box to be used for display and storage at home should you wish! This is a neat little touch that will keep your new pistol safe and out of harms way when not in use, and anything that adds to safe storage and carriage is a BIG plus for us.

The VORSK CS DEFENDER PRO pistol is available in traditional monochrome colours, Black, Chrome, and Brushed Aluminium, with a Dual Tone “Training Blue” option available. The flagship Chrome/ Black and Black/ Chrome design is available as a contrasting double pack, as is the Dual Tone Blue option.

We’re REALLY looking forward to getting this bad boy on the ATTACK SENSE short range, so watch out for our take on it next week! For now you can check out all the colour options HERE.