Another week draws to a close and we’re looking forward (individually of course still) to head on off to our “home ranges” to get some trigger time in and finalise evaluation of the latest models to arrive in readiness for the new issue to go live on 15th March!

For those of us that have the “range” on the range we’ll also be taking out our own “long guns”; under lockdown one of the “slow burn” projects we’ve had going on is setting up a number of bolt-action and semi-auto DMR rifles from different manufacturers so that when we can get back together we can put them all head to head! With models in the mix from Specna Arms, APS, ARES, CYMA, and Evolution already, and more to come we’re really looking forward to challenging one another, and of course to reporting back!

We’ve also been reading up more on Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS) and the MAGPUL blog articles and videos have kept us interested along the way! Last week we put up Part 1 of the series, so in readiness for the coming weekend HERE is #2 for you all to feast on and maybe pick up some useful intel to help you with your own distance shooting!

All we can say is that the weather is changing for the better, winds are going to be light, and the gun bags are packed! Whatever you have planned for this weekend, keep safe, and as always (where safely possible), keep airsoft shooting!