Every so often something comes along that reminds us all that AIRSOFT SHOULD BE FUN and that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously all the time!

We just got an update from Valken about their own airsoft wares, and in the same mail was the news that their US store would be stocking the HFC 18th Century Flintlock Green Gas Airsoft Pistol,and this put us in mind of all the fun times we’ve had over the years at themed airsoft games, from Cowboy shootouts, through 1980’s “FilmSim” to Post-Apocalyptic wasteland survival games, and these days there’s bound to be an AEG or gasser that will suit the theme!

The HFC 18th Century Flintlock Airsoft Pistol is a green gas powered replica pirate pistol! This Blunderbuss pistol is an authentic 1:1 scale replica with highly detailed filigree, which enhances the pistols appearance and authenticity. The high quality metal alloy construction and imitation wood makes this pistol truly unique. This great replica prop for wannabe pirates and musketeers alike functions realistically, so it operates just like a real flintlock pistol.

Green gas is loaded into the grip, and 21 BBs can loaded into an internal magazine under the barrel. This striking pistol comes with a faux leather powder flask for storing BBs, and the instruction manual even comes in the appearance of an old parchment scroll!

Specs are:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 300 FPS / 0.84 Joules (Measured with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)
  • Magazine Capacity: Internal Magazine Holds 21 Rounds
  • Gas Type: Green Gas
  • Firing Modes: Single Shot
  • System: Cocking
  • Hopup: Fixed
  • Color: Brown/Silver
  • Package Includes: Gun, Powder Flask, and Manual (Scroll)

Now we know that this isn’t a totally new model, but the sheer loveliness of this pistol does make us take a step back and view things with some “suspension of disbelief”, and c’mon, who doesn’t secretly love the idea of having some righteous FUN at a pirate-themed airsoft game?

If you agree, just say “ARRRGGGH”!