We do love a pair of “gucci” shooting glasses; after all, while you’re on the range or on the field you want to look cool and stay properly protected playing airsoft, right?

Magpul Industries created the Magpul Apex to give you industry-leading ballistic impact protection all day long. The Apex has a stylish lens and frame combination that’s earned the ANSI Z87+ ballistic rating, meaning that you can trust that your eyes are protected everywhere, whether you’re out at the range, on site, or even indulging in a little non-airsoft “extremeness”!

With five different lens combinations and a host of advanced liquid and scratch-resistant technologies, the Apex keeps things clear in just about every environment and activity. The low-profile design of the temples and the anti-slip rubber padding give active users a comfortable fit under helmets, ear protection and other headwear, and they won’t budge when you’re in motion.

We’ve mentioned the Apex before, bu they’re now fully available at Magpul.com and at your local Magpul retailer… GET SUM!