C’mon, who doesn’t love a big old support gun… especially one that’s been purpose made to not only look awesome, but actually be skirmished with!

We’ve been chatting with our good friends over at VegaForceCompany (VFC) in Taiwan and we are absolutely LOVING the look of this beast, especially as the “Maximi” features in the books of “AA Friend” Phil Campion!

VFC have created a real beauty, but then that’s what we’ve come to expect of them these days, and we’ve been waiting to see this in the flesh since it was first revealed during our MOA livestream with Ray. In the “real” it is officially classified as an LWMG (light weight machine gun) and was developed as a replacement for the Mk 43 Mod 0/1. While developed as a weapon for SOF the MK48’s portability, firepower and range led it to being introduced for frontline infantry squads in Afghanistan to replace the M249 SAW. The MK48 MOD 1 brings the extended range and greater penetration of the hard-hitting 7.62x51mm round in a lighter, more compact platform. In use by U.S. special operators, it was designed to be light and compact enough to keep up with troops as they maneuvered on and closed with the enemy.

VFC’s MK48 AEG utilizes aluminum alloy for the main structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole product. This provides a weight reduction from almost 10kg (if manufactured using full steel) to about 4kg with the VFC aluminum design. Internally, all key components are still made from steel, so durability is retained where it matters most! This design not only reduces the weight, but also maintains the structural strength of the MK48 platform.

And in addition the VFC MK48 can provide 800 rounds of BB storage internally without an additional ammunition box! The Premium version also ships with an 8000 round large capacity BB box, giving you an unprecedented 8800 total rounds of “plastic death” to play with!

We’re pleased to say that we will soon have “hands on” a test sample, and we’re pushing to get this review out as quickly as possible, but for now you can check out more information HERE!