In the current issue of Airsoft Action we have the great honour and pleasure of being able to talk about the new models from KWA Performance Industries, but we were still missing specifications and data for their yet-to-be-released F90 GBB!

But now we have the lowdown thanks to this video; this will be an important model for many, as the Modern Firearms online resource tells us;

“(The) F90 assault rifle, also known as EF88 (Enhanced F88) is an evolution of the F88 assault rifle, which was adopted by Australian and New Zealand armed forces during late 1980s. The original F88 rifle is a licensed copy of the Austrian Steyr AUG rifle, and it was produced in Australia at Australian Defense Industries factory in Lithgow. Today this same factory is operated by the Thales Australia, which developed EF88 / F90 rifle as a next weapon for Australian army, as well as for export.”

We’re not going to drone on as the video will speak VERY clearly for itself, but we hope that you enjoy it as much as us, and if you’re already an AUG user then this will be music to your ears!

Have a GREAT weekend, keep safe, and GO PLAY AIRSOFT!