We’ve been interested to see over the weekend that news of VegaForceCompany’s (VFC) latest release has been “doing the rounds” on social media, and thus far the new “1911 ULTRA CARRY” GBB has been getting a VERY positive response!

VFC have already got their DEDICATED WEBPAGE for this shockingly lovely new pistol up and running so you can find out a lot more there, but for now we can tell you that it offers superb accuracy with a smooth trigger response, along with a good old kick, great gas efficiency and easy adjustment thanks to the VFC “Guide-HOP” design!

How do we know this?

Well, thanks to the excellent relationship between Bill and Ray at VFC we are honoured to say we already have one undergoing testing, and thus far it’s proved to be AWESOME… and we’ll be dropping the full lowdown on the 1911 ULTRA CARRY in Issue 138 a when the testing is complete!