It’s a rare thing that we feature the same manufacturer two days in a row, but the tempo at which VegaForceCompany (VFC) are releasing new models right now, and not just any old models either, is really staggering… fair play to them that they have so many projects ongoing… and we KNOW that there’s still more to come for 2022!

Sticking with their gas platforms after the announcement of the 1911 ULTRA CARRY yesterday, today sees the DEDICATED WEBPAGE for their much-awaited COLT M733 GBBR go live, and for lovers, like us, of the action movie “HEAT” this will be a must have item, and you’ll find a lot more information on this if you visit the webpage!

The VFC Colt Model 733 Commando GBBR is built under the licence with Cybergun so therefore comes with true, fully authorized markings. In addition to having a lower receiver with fully authorized and complete Colt M16A2 markings, it also has an 11.5-inch outer barrel, a CAR-15 style front sight, a special CAR-15 “skinny” round handguard, a carry handle upper receiver, CAR-15 late-type dummy forward assist knob, and a CAR-15 early-type polymer buttstock!

The M733 GBBR has not only got the authorization from Colt via Cybergun, but also benefits from the latest VFC internal GBBR updates in one sweet package, including their new and improved Lower Receiver Internal Structure, the improvement of the firing pin design and newly designed steel “Non-cut lever” steel hammer set, this time with a new buffer spring too; with their new G.I. style gas magazine, it will definitely improve the overall performance of the M733 and we’re thoroughly looking forward to seeing if this bad boy truly packs some “HEAT”!

Sadly the launch today is for the Asia-only release of the M733, so some of us will have to wait a little longer to get “hands on” this iconic model; thankfully though Stewbacca will be taking a look “at source” and we look forward to bringing you his full report once he has!