Great news from our friends at Taiwangun this morning as their website is now showing the full line of the latest CYMA 009 series ARs, and this is fabulous news for the “Namsoft Nuts” as basically the lineup is a classic M16, XM177E1 and XM177E2!

This new classic series of “Vietnam” rifles and carbines have been created as the result of a long cooperation and mutual trust between companies which have significant experience in this domain, CYMA and TAIWANGUN.COM. These new models are produced with a different specification; the lower receiver, the upper receiver, the stock tube, the external barrel, the fire selector, the magazine release button, the trigger, the charging handle, and the front and rear sight are made in aluminum, that makes the replica more realistic and durable. Each model also has a unique serial number.

The features look good too!

· light metal outer barrel, with a precision 6.03mm inner barrel
· polymer handguard
· metal A1 flat top upper receiver
· metal lower receiver
· polymer fixed stock for large capacity batteries
· polymer pistol grip
· fixed sight set
· steel 160BB magazine
· dummy flash suppressor with a 14mm thread CCW
· front and rear sling attachments

The AEGs in the new E-EDITION configuration have a stock velocity of around 400 fps and a faster trigger response. This was achieved due to the new gearbox parts with increased durability, such as:

· V2 gearbox with quick spring change system
· processor unit with built-in MOSFET system
· full steel teeth polycarbonate piston
· steel gear set with 8mm steel bushings
· CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head)
· ball bearing spring guide
· high torque neodymium motor

Judging by what we’ve seen and tested from CYMA recently these look to be spot on to get you started in “Namsoft” as the prices are pretty darn keen, and with a few minor tweaks even the most hardcore “grunt” will be happy to add one (or more!) of these models to their “in country armoury”.

We look forward to getting one on the range soon and bringing you the full lowdown in a future issue of Airsoft Action!”