The team are currently busy getting Issue 117 of Airsoft Action ready, and in this issue we’re pleased to report that we have something special to share in the form of Part 1 of a 2 part feature on the stunning and all-new LK33 from LCT Airsoft!

LCT have been kind enough to provide early test and evaluation samples of their latest historic rifle model and although Bill is hard at work range testing we’ve joined forces with Lawrence from STRIKE-HOLD! to introduce the model and give some in-depth background and context.

In his words:

The 5.56x45mm Heckler & Koch HK33 is not as well-known as the 7.62mm NATO G3, but in a world full of AK and M4 clones, the HK33 stands out!”

For now enjoy the images here, but keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue of Airsoft Action when it uploads on 15th August to find out more!