As you know we’ve finally been able to re-establish “good comms” with the lovely folk over at KING ARMS and it appears they have some righteous new models in the pipeline, and one that’s definitely caught the attention of the AA Crew are the EMG LANCER SYSTEMS LICENSED L15 DEFENSE AEGs; these are fully licenced products and have been produced in collaboration with EMG!

The L15 DEFENSE is the core rifle Lancer provides, one which comes with upgraded components that are very different from the standard real-deal AR platform. The airsoft replica follows this innovative path with Lancer’s LCH7 handguard, the Lancer Adaptive Magwell, and a Lancer-style 250 BB magazine (as well as the EMG Alpha stock and MOE-style motor grip), so the L15 AEG will provide top tier ergonomics and control.

KING ARMS tell us that;

“This will be the first airsoft gun that uses carbon fiber material in the market.

>Strength – Carbon fiber is tough and strong. …

>Weight – Despite its strength carbon fiber is actually very light.

>Stress resistance – Parts made from Carbon Fiber are less prone to wear and tear.

>Corrosion resistance – Carbon fiber is durable in corrosive environments too.

>Thermal friendly – Carbon fiber materials are known for their thermal expansion properties. They easily cope with thermal stress.”

This certainly looks great, and we got a close look at the new carbon fiber handguard at IWA… the finish looks absolutely amazing! The models will be available in three lengths with 8, 12 and 15 inch M-LOK handguards (8 inch pictured), and with three specifications; real carbon fiber, carbon fiber pattern, and CNC Aluminium.

All models we’re told will feature alloy receiver sets with full Lancer trades (obviously this is where EMG come into the frame… again…), in-line MOSFETs, 8mm bearings, High Torque Motor, CNC High Strength Gears, Steel rack Piston, and  a one-piece metal Hop Unit.

It looks to be a mighty tight package,  and on the face of it this looks to be another interesting and unique AR AEG design that will please an awful lot of players worldwide!