Airsoft definitely, 100% never sleeps, and although we’ve been quiet this week online (as we always are when a new issue goes live… Issue 153 is there, it’s free, READ IT!) there’s been a LOT going on as new guns n’ gear have just kept on dropping!

We’re very pleased to see that the latest iteration of the ICS CXP line has just been released to reviewers, and we’re very pleased to tell you that we’re amongst them… Bill (pictured this week with one of his fave LCTs!) tells us that “I have a deep and abiding relationship with ICS that goes back to their earliest days, and it’s been my privilege to look at just about every model in the CXP range that they’ve released over the years! The new CXP APE SE has just arrived with me direct from Taiwan so I’m really looking forward to getting that on the range alongside the G&G SGR this weekend!”

But it’s not all rangework as Larri told us that “it’s back to CQB action with around 40 people for me” and Dan let us know that “we’ve got a small private airsoft event this weekend. I’m trying to decide what to bring (too many choices lol), but I think it would be a good opportunity to roll out with the XM177E2 ERG I built awhile back, since I haven’t had a chance to field it properly yet. If the heat and wildfire smoke isn’t too terrible, we might even get the kids up to the lake for a swim day afterwards…”

For Stewbacca it’s a bit of both worlds as he reported that “Sunday is another of our expat/English language civil defence pistol training classes with my South African veteran friend here leading the instruction again. It’s being held at the usual IPSC training space that my team leader operates, so I’ll be preaching what I practise and vice versa again for people less familiar with handgun usage.”

Jimmy, yup, you guessed it, still chained to the workbench as “I have a small mountain of gnus to get through, one of which has me quite excited if I’m honest. I have the pleasure of un-fudging a King Arms FN FAL! I have a couple of DMR’s to build both containing my favorite ETU, the Perun Hybrid; you can’t go wrong with a Perun! Sunday though is going to be a pants day which will include no adulting and lots of Call of Duty…”

With a number of the crew still on hols this week our usual Friday “check in” is a little depleted, but as we start to get rolling on next month’s issue, and with the UK National Airsoft Festival on the horizon you can bet we’re rolling along well, as busy as ever!


There’ll be lots to talk about next week, so stay tuned for more daily updates and new items, but for now we’ll bid you “HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND” and wherever you’re playing in our shared world of airsoft… Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!