Welcome to another full-to-the-brim copy of AIRSOFT ACTION, and to kick things off this month we’ve gone a bit “polymer crazy” as we focus on THREE new models, all of which are polymer-bodied!

Headlining this time is our “take” on the final production version of the VORSK VMP-1, and Jimmy, Ben and Bill have all been hammering this new GBB to find out if the reality lives up to the promise (spoiler… it DOES!). Bill then gets properly involved with the G&G FAR 556 (yes, a FOLDING AR!) and the latest entry-level AEG from HUNTSMAN TACTICAL that’s sure to please many players on a budget!

Miguel lands his report on the VIPER VX GEN2 Plate Carrier after some heavy use and abuse, the LEGION get into their favourite Multicam kit as a new sequence of THE CAGE commences, and Stewbacca, ably assisted by Military Anny, continues to delve “Inside Airsoft”, meeting some of the people behind the “names” as they visit RA-TECH and Soloman Taiwan.

There’s FIFTEEN more AR SBR AEG models under the spotlight as RED CELL reach the halfway point of their extended testing program, and Bill gets techy (a rare thing indeed!) with an awesome thermal sight from HIKMICRO!

To round things out this month there are a couple of mammoth AA LEGION reports the first of which covers some very special CQB Training in the UK, along with Stewbacca’s report on the now-annual POLK 3 MilSim game in Taiwan… if you like your airsoft hot and full-on then you need to check this out!

As usual we hope that there’s a little of something for everyone to dip into this month; and remember… “If it’s in airsoft, it’s in AIRSOFT ACTION”!

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