It’s a funny thing that when you haven’t spoke to a manufacturer for a while you do lose track of all the airsoft awesomeness that many of them create outside their “normal lines”, and now we’re very thankfully back in touch with our old friends at KING ARMS they’re bringing to our attention some of their latest models!

We’ve often said that we fancy a bit of “Wild West Airsoft”, and we know that KING ARMS already produce a solid range of “SAA.45 PEACEMAKER” pistols which look fabulous… the “Peacemaker” is often referred to as “The Gun That Won The West” and is undoubtedly a famous piece of Americana and the American Wild West era, due to its popularity with ranchers, lawmen, and outlaws alike.

KING ARMS tell us that these pistols are mainly bought as memorabilia by collectors and re-enactors, but, the design has influenced the production of numerous other models from other companies!

But now KING ARMS have pushed things out with the introduction of the “L” or “LONG (oh boy is it LONG!) which comes in at a whopping 11″; this is definitely a great replica of the classic with a massive visual impact!

Whole revolver is metal which gives both a solid weight and great external durability, and with all the internal parts of metal too you can get into the swing of some “Wild West Fanning” action confidently!

The SAA. 45 models come with 4 inch, 6 inch and now 11 inch barrel lengths and are available in with several attractive surface finishes. All use green gas as the power source and come with six heavy brass shells with high compression rubber BB retainers. There’s a metal hammer to give an assured strike on the gas outlet valve, and they’re assembled with a steel reinforced trigger and cylinder stopper hard use.

“Wild West Airsoft” is still something we want to have a crack at, and who knows, if we do perhaps it will be a KING ARMS “Peacemaker” we choose for our holster… YEEHAW!!!