The weekend is on us again, and it’s time for even more airsoft adventures!

Although holiday season is well and truly here, and quite a few of the AA LEGION are now on vacation with family and friends there’s still a few weeks to go before the annual AAHQ holiday shutdown, and there’s a lot to be done!

ISSUE 153 is now ready for upload next Tuesday, and as always the entire crew have pulled out the stops to make it another cracker for you… but… BUT… due to the annual office shutdown we’ll be swinging into action again on Monday to get cracking on ISSUE 154!

And of course that means that plans, plots, and ploys continue to be ongoing! Bill tells us that “testing is already underway for our Issue 154 feature models, and the guys are cranking hard again to get their reports and articles in good and early! This weekend I’m sorting out camping logistics for our yearly exodus to the UK NATIONAL AIRSOFT FESTIVAL, making sure that everything is prepared and in full working order… but I’ve also got some more HIKMICRO thermal imaging gear to look at, the G&G SGR to work up, and some more testing on the KING ARMS TWS 9 to complete…”

Stewbacca is “back on the tools at Linkou CQB after it being off-limits for around half a year due to LEO/MIL training requirements, so I’m looking forward to some all indoor squad action with the Team TaiJi guys and will do some range work with the LCT SVDS while I’m there as well as probably run it with the Vz61 as a sidearm, and try the RATech N4 GBBR seeing as it worked so well on metal targets last weekend at the Ding Ding Cup and netted me 3rd place in optic rifle division!”

Our techs are busy too as Dan told us “the plan is to work on upgrading the beast that is the MARUI Mk46 and see if we can’t get the FPS up to LMG velocities here. All the bits and bobs from LayLax and Eagle6 have arrived, so I can get to work right away on it. I have to say TM really knows how to make a presentation though.”

Jimmy reported that “I have a TM 416 DELTA to sort out on Saturday and a couple of small repairs which need finished before Sunday, A NUPROL DELTA AK21 and an SRC MP40! I’ll also be having another attempt at fixing the feed issues on the ICS TOMAHAWK magazines so it will be quite a relaxing day. Sunday we are off to Cool Under Fire locally for the newly added mid-month meeting; I am going to be running my WOLVERINE MTW TACTICAL 10″ SBR which I purchased last year but have not got round to playing with yet…”

Ben (pictured this week!) has been hard at it recently, especially with continued testing of the VORSK VMP-1 and said “I’m recharging my body’s batteries, so I will stare at my guns and dream of playing…”… da boi has earned his rest, that’s for sure!

Boycie told us “I’ll be “off duty” this weekend as I’ll be travelling to <Redacted> (there it is!) with Li’l Stu as we’re having holiday with our families. Obviously though we’ll be discussing a few products and forward plans whilst away and also finishing off a couple of articles…”

I’m sure, like us that you’ll wish Boycie and Li’l Stu “Happy Holiday and Happy Trails!”, and for those of you heading off yourselves, have a GREAT time!

That’s it from us this week, and if you’re out playing as usual this weekend, then Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!