We very much hope that everyone that was able to took a few down days over Easter, but that like us you’re now fully back to speed and running on fully-charged batteries! Although we had a quiet week online we were of course hard at it putting the final touches to ISSUE 149 which went live as usual on the 15th!

But, we’re only as good as our last issue, so we’re back to it properly today laying out the bones of ISSUE 150… yup, business as usual, and as airsoft never stops, neither do we!

And to kick off a new week we’ve chosen to highlight the new BLE-ICP (Innovation Competition Pistol) from our old and valued friends at ICS!

The BLE-ICP as a brand-new model (albeit one that has been “teased” for a little while now) integrates the advantages of ICS technologies and the most popular handgun products in the market as it’s been designed on the basis of the iconic GLOCK pistol and features a fixed outer and inner barrel with TDC Hop Up chamber, a user-friendly fire control group and magazines which are compatible with TM-Glock spec!

It’s a striking-looking design though, with some of the flair that we’ve come to expect from ICS, and we are certainly very keen to see if it shoots as well as it looks…

That question will soon be answered as ICS have kindly sent us a test model over to kick the living c…, ahem, to test professionally on the range and in-game, and of course we’ll report back just as soon as we’ve put it fully through its paces!