It’s the 15th again, so it MUST be time for your monthly fix of AIRSOFT ACTION!
As Bill so rightly says in his introduction to this months RED CELL 1911 UPDATE with 15 MODELS revisited “if you’re after a 30-second video of dancing llamas then you’re sh1t-out-of-luck with us, as we like to get into things in a bit more depth… stop reading now if you’re uninterested in the benefit of experience, and go enjoy those llamas!”

So, still here are you? Cool, let’s crack on!

We’ve got another jam-packed issue for you again and we kick off in topical style with a VERY close look at the new “JW4” GBB, the TTI PIT VIPER made by Army Armament in cooperation with Jag Precision! And we don’t take out foot off the gas for a moment though as the crew get to grips with the ARES 308 DMR, the all-new SPECNA ARMS X-SERIES PDW, and we introduce a new “partner” in the shape of ROSSI AIRSOFT!

Stewbacca has also been up to his usual tricks as he looks back on how his MODIFY PP2K GBB is still performing afetr some serious abuse, and gives us his valued opinion of the latest MK23 holster from LayLax. He also takes us more seriously behind the scenes to look at the reality of Taiwanese “civil defence training” and how airsoft and the manufacturers have played a real part in this, and once again gets together with “Military Anny” with a report on her real-steel training in the Phillipines!!

Lightening the mood we have a look at new clothing and gear from STOIRM, The LEGION look at upping their gear ante for multi-day missions, and there are reports from Portugal and Hong Kong about the latest games and sites where the guys live and play!

Once again we believe that there’s something for everyone in this issue, so if you have the desire to know more, about more in the airsoft world, then dive on in and enjoy!

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