So, that’s it then, Easter is upon us and how quickly the year is flying past!

We hope that some of you may be gearing up for a special “Easter-Themed Game” (Rescue the Bunny, Leave no Egg Behind perhaps!), but we know that like some us some of you will be looking forward to a much-needed break with an extra day off!

The count among the AA Crew is divided, as Miguel tells us that “it’s Easter, so I got a lot of my guys off. That said I’m still looking to see if there is some smaller game around for those who are free to play!” whereas Dan chipped in with “Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming.” So said Ian Malcolm! Jurassic Quest is in town this weekend, so the kids will be getting fed to – er, visiting – a collection of prehistoric carnivores. Vegetables are important too, so we won’t leave out touring the herbivores either. Then there’s something about a rabbit that lays eggs (I think they mean a platypus?) the following day.So yeah… lots of screaming coming up in my future weekend!”

But normality is still in place as Stewbacca is “coming back from the north after a long weeekend, I’ve had three days in a row to work and then we’re back on the tools at an exciting site I haven’t played at before that’s just been given the green light for us to recommended using with certain caveats of discretion and discipline. I’ll likely reconfigure the LCT G3A3 with the M4 style stock and field that again as it’s a somewhat urban environment but also has some open areas for long shots!”

Larri reported in to say that “Easter holiday begins with 15 new friends joining our weekly CQB party!” and Hana chipped in to let us know that “it’s the first Milsim event on after three years in China!”

Bill told us that AAHQ is buzzing still today as he and the crew put the final articles together for Issue 149 on 15 April, and he says that “as always at this time of the month it’s a bit hectic as we pull together a 100 page digital magazine and everything that goes into it, and just because it’s a general holiday for many we haven’t got a deadline to hit as this happens each and every month! All the testing has been completed for our reviews, so I’m hoping to grab at least a day down over the weekend… and possibly get a range session in if the weather is kind… just for me!”

Thanks to Miguel this week for our image, one taken by at the recent VIPER photoshoot with his colleague Almeida, another VIPER Ambassador and team-leader of the FOE Airsoft Team in Portugal!

So, whatever you may be up to this weekend we hope you have a good one and a very HAPPY EASTER to those that celebrate it from all at Airsoft Action! If you’re with family and friends then enjoy the chocolate overload, kick back and chill, and of course if you’re out at a game then Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!