EVOLUTION are all set to join the battle of the “9mm’s” in 2024 as right now they’re singing loud and proud about their new REAPER series of AEGs! This takes much of the tried and tested technology and manufacturing expertise and wraps it all up in a very cool-looking AR-style “PCC” platform, and from what we can see and what they’ve told us so far there will be SIX new models to choose from!

The ground-breaking EVOLUTION programmable electronic trigger unit (the E.T.S. I) has now been updated several times with the addition of more powerful processors, hardware and firmware upgrades, and with the addition of more and more advanced functions. The architecture of the E.T.S. II™ and E.T.S. III™ is deeply different than the one of the first E.T.S. I,  but always fools the original concept of keeping the unit super easy and fast to use with zero learning time for the end user.

Our friends over at EVOLUTION in Italy say;

“We talk about Smart Airsoft Gun concept as the technology behind the Evolution’s Airsoft Guns reached a so high level of complexity and sophistication that we cannot anymore talk about Electric Airsoft Guns, we should call them Electronic Airsoft Guns but that would be reductive as the amount of technology and the design and development process is more similar to the one of a Mobile Phone than the one of an airsoft product, with CPUs, EPROMs, Operating Systems, Encoding Languages, and so on, so we now refer to this new guns category as Smart Airsoft Guns.

There are indeed endless possibilities for different functions and configurations;

  • No additional software required
  • No external programming unit required
  • No PC connection or Apps required
  • The Evolution Smart Airsoft Guns are super-easy to program via trigger. Fast, easy and trouble-free!

The new REAPER models sit in EVOLUTION’s COMBAT SERIES which they say, and we already know, are;

“the best choice for those players looking for reliable, performing, complete, yet affordable products. The Evolution Combat Series make extensive use of lightweight alloys and engineering polymers to reduce the weight and increase the durability. The Combat Series models offer great value for money and offer right out of the box what most of the other brands sell as “upgrades” or “option parts”.”

Now we’ve had great results from the EVOLUTION ETS models that we already have in testing, and although we’ve been hammering them for a while now they continue to function and shoot perfectly! With the overall quality and performance of their existing ETS AEGs we have high hopes for the new REAPER line, and it’s definitely something we’ll check out more at IWA in 2024 if not before!

Check out the image for full details of what’s included!