Okay, we know that this has been doing the rounds with some of our friends online, but the fact is that the limited-edition (seriously limited!) L403A1 GBBR from Dave’s Custom Airsoft (DCA) is just an absolutely gorgeous bit of kit!

Dave tells us that “Hot from the Oven the DCA L403A1. Cerakoted in H Series FDE with Polymer Parts Cerakoted in C Series, the colours of this rifle are stunning.

The rifle has genuine Magpul Stock, Pistol Grip, Sling and M-LOK Rail Panel as well as a Reptilia QD Sling Socket which is also M-LOK Mounted. The rifle has a custom machined Dimpled Steel outer barrel at the required length.

The rifle is Gas Blowback using the VFC KAC Licensed GBBR as a base, as with most GBBRs controls are correct to the real steel.

If you are looking to build your own L403A1 we can help you with the Cerakote and other items, and to find out what products we have available check the LINK HERE and email info@davescustomairsoft.co.uk for details on Cerakote.

These rifles have been completed for the Defence & Military Sector, if you wish to Pre-Order one from the upcoming batch please email info@davescustomairsoft.co.uk

For the UK MilSim crowd and those that love a bit of “Brit Kit” this has to be the currently most sought-after platform there is right now, as the MOD website tells us that;

“The Alternative Individual Weapon (AIW) system – known as the L403A1 and procured by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) under Project Hunter – is made up of a new assault rifle fitted with a muzzle signature reduction system and an improved optical sighting system.

The systems will initially be fielded to the Army Special Operations Brigade (ASOB) who operate in complex, high threat environments. As a key component of the ASOB, the Ranger Regiment will receive the AIW later this year.

The L403A1 is a high performing modern development of the ArmaLite Rifle (AR), which pushes the boundaries of modern performance. As an AR system, it shares much in common with the rifle systems used by many of the UK’s allies. Given their specialist role, and the critical task of working with and alongside many of the UK’s allies, the platform will enable ASOB to share skills and drills in an efficient manner.”

Now we’re going to be lucky if we see many of these out in the wild, but we can only commend DCA for taking the lead in a unique direction! With their GPMG project heading towards fruition Dave and his crew are most certainly putting the “custom” into “Custom Airsoft”!