We kick off the new week after a splendid weekend of shooting adventures in the sunshine with some pretty darn exciting news from the guys at ACTIONSPORTGAMES (ASG)!

We posted last week on our social media about the new “hybrid AR” recently announced by ASG, and now we can share some additional information with you, as they tell us;

“The H15 is our successful Hybrid rifle which takes the internal components of the Scorpion EVO into the new imposing body of an AR-15. By doing so we combine the excellent performance of the EVO, one of the best performing rifles, with the most popular platform in airsoft.

Each variation of the H-15 boasts pro-line worthy performance, comfortable pistol-grip and mid-cap magazine which holds 180 6mm BB rounds. Each of the three variations of the H-15 available at launch features the same great internal set up and fantastic external aesthetic but each has its own unique spin on the overall formula.

Each H-15 will come with the below features as standard, ensuring the same great performance across the range without the worry of missing out on performance. These features include:

  • ASG Custom M-rail Handguard
  • HERA ARMS CCS Buttstock
  • PTS EPG-C Pistol Grip
  • Retro Arms Trigger
  • Electronic Trigger Unit
  • Quick Change Spring Guide
  • Rotary Hop Unit
  • T-Plug Battery Connector

The H-15 CQB (PICTURED ABOVE) is designed specifically for CQB and as such it features a more compact frame of only 660mm when the buttstock is fully collapsed and 750mm when the buttstock is extended. Additionally, the fps for this model has been lowered slightly to make it more accommodating to the safety regulations of CQB environments. The user can swap the included flash-hider for a tracer unit for optimal CQB performance.

The H-15 Carbine has the “customizers” in mind. The player can use its slick handguard to attach all their accessories, the threaded barrel can mount any muzzle device with a 14MM CCW thread or use the included flash-hider and attach a QD B.E.T. to truly make it their own.

The H-15 B.E.T comes with a pre-installed full-length integral B.E.T. which provides some unique aesthetic flare to this already stylish airsoft rifle. The wider handguard allows the attachment of accessories even with the integral B.E.T. installed.

These new airsoft rifles mark the dawn of a new era for ASG and the beginning of our brand-new Hybrid series! If you are interested in any or all of the variations of the H-15 please keep your eyes peeled for our newsletters and watch our social media channels closely for updates regarding upcoming releases and other future information!”

So, there its is then, and the truth is that the AA Crew knew something was in the ASG-works as Boycie has been teasing us since he visited the UK team at their office… he just couldn’t say a word until now, but we’re sure he’ll be talking about publicly now… A LOT!