Well, it’s been a bit of a full-on “office week” this week getting ISSUE 155 and for once we’re looking forward to an easier weekend now that it’s ready to roll for the 15th!

After some fast-paced activity immediately following our summer recess it would appear that everyone needs to take a bit of a breather before we launch back into things… of course there’ll be some rangework and testing going on as usual, but at a slightly lower tempo for once… Miguel summed it up best in our LEGION group chat when he said “We are probably going to have a weekend OFF, after the last weekend’s big game, the guys must make time for the family!”

Bill is on the range as usual as he starts to work up some new models for ISSUE 156 in November… yes, our testing really does take that long as we like to ensure that every model we review goes through a rigorous program before we comment!He told us “when a new model arrives the first thing to do is ensure that it’s in full working order before it goes into the range program! Once that’s done we start to log things over a number of range sessions, and dependent on the model that may then go into gameday testing too… I’ve got a couple of new things to look at this weekend as I begin to log BBs through them… but I can’t tell you quite what yet, and I know that Boycie is in a similar position… #[redacted]…”

However, Jimmy is in the workshop as always (still refining that DSG build), and Stewbacca (shown this week with the all-new LCT SVDS ETU that will headline the next issue!) of course is out and about as usual; he told us “last Xmas we did shootout in a downpour at the Kaohsiung Level 3 competition, this Sunday shootout my be in a typhoon… or the tail end of one at least! Were probably going to get rained on while we rain plastic on papers and poppers in the Tainan Level 1 pistol competition with my team SPPT compatriots. Oh. I’m also doing some interesting [redacted] stuff on Monday and Tuesday a little further north which may at some point be released as an article, depending on the situation…”

We’ve heard from a few of our manufacturing friends in Taiwan that the typhoon has created some issues already, so we hope that this weekend finds everyone safe and well; Bill is definitely looking forward to seeing some of you in a couple of weeks time when he joins Stewbacca and Anny to cover the G&G CQB World Cup event!

We also hope that all of you playing, on the range, or in the workshop this weekend will have an awesome time and get some good hits in, and as always we’ll sign off the working week by saying Play hard, Play safe, and above all Play with Honour!