We haven’t posted about an AK for a while, but we’re very pleased to see that ARCTURUS are continuing with further modern models, the latest of which is the AT-AK12K!

The AK-12K is the shorter version of the new Russian service rifle with standard SOF attachments for suppressors, sights, tactical lights and lasers. For the new model in airsoft form the main elements such as receiver, top cover, receiver cover latch, safety lever, trigger, trigger guard, magazine latch, bolt carrier, folding stock latch, gas tube, gas port block, front sight base, folding rear sight and flash hider are all steel. Smaller parts, including the outer barrel are made of aluminum and light alloys, and the the whole rifle treated against corrosion. the buttstock, pistol grip, magazine, and handguard are made of reinforced polymer.

The reinforced gearbox with proven internal parts also benefits from a quick spring change system (without pull out and open the gearbox), bearing spring guide, bearing piston head, full steel teeth polycarbonate piston, and steel gears mounted on 8mm steel bushings to handle the highest loads. In addition, the gearbox is equipped with a microswitch trigger, which, in combination with low-resistance wiring, works great with Li-Po batteries. The use of an electric trigger eliminates also the problem of burned out contacts and improves the response to the trigger. The replica also features a sealed nozzle that works great with a rotary hop-up chamber and with a precision barrel.

We’ve been having great fun (and results!) so far with the original AK-12 from ARCTURUS, and for those that like a shorter variant this look like just the thing; it’s available to order right now from TAIWANGUN!