We are REALLY happy to hear that some of the bigger airsoft events are ramping up again for 2022, and the Border War Crew have been in touch to let us know that the time has come to release more concrete Border War 14 “The Stargazer” intel for the game to be run 26-28 August 2022!

Registration: From Sunday 30th January 20:00 CET – limited amount of tickets

Location: We have decided that BW14 will take place in the premises as previous Border War Editions (2-10) that means Běla pod Bezdězem. Off-zone location will be at the newly built Adventure Land (Previously called Motorland which veterans remember).

Game update: There are many upgrades planned but as well there will be following major update which come from the game area and off zone possibilities:
• LARP and Village will be empowered – PMC Units will be located next to the village in their basing area.
• Guerrillas will have fortified base as TF and yes fractions can attack both bases.
• MILSIM missions – more scenario based MILSIM missions will be available.
• Catering will be provided by the Land lord.
• PMC Fraction will use combined forces of Green and Black PMCs under one command. PMC and LARP missions will be empowered.

Community Gathering: We want to empower the BW Fan spirit with one central zone for all game fractions. You would be able to meet there your friends from all fractions like in the old days.
Offzone sleeping and tents update: You can build big military or large tents on the base and as well on the offzone.

Sleeping on the off zone is possible, there is plenty of space to build tents or park caravans.

Game Fractions for BW 14!
• Task Force
• Guerillas
• PMC (Green and Black PMC units in one fraction)
• Villagers

We have a great dynamic game in preparation with plenty of game props and more!

To get more information simply head on over to www.borderwar.cz