It’s that time of the month again that we’re putting in some serious rangetime and we’re well into preparing the next monthly issue of Airsoft Action; we’ve been talking to Dave at Dave’s Custom Airsoft (DCA) about one of their bespoke creations that we’ll be featuring on the 15th February, the L129A1!

In the meantime he and his team have been busy working on another project, an SMLE No.1 MkIII* H.T. Sniper Rifle based on the new S&T bolty… we’ll be reviewing the base rifle on the 15th as well, but we think that you’ll agree that this custom version is a an absolute work of airsoft art!

Dave told us;

“Take one excellent S&T SMLE Spring Powered Bolt Action Rifle, take it apart 100%, sand down all the wooden furniture, add a Sniper cheek Rest, Modified P14 Scope Mounts, a Genuine WWI Era Optic, Real SMLE Nose Cap, Real SMLE Rear Sight, Real Butt Pad & a whole lot of staining, oiling and weathering later and you have yourself a No.1 MKIII* H.T. Sniper Rifle.

As always people will say, that is a lot of money for a spring rifle, and yes, yes it is. The optics setup on this rifle and the real steel parts and considerably more expensive than the average airsoft AEG, add to this approx 40 hours of labour and the clever clogs will understand why these things cost what they do. This rifle comes complete as pictured with the addition of 4 extra spare magazines so that you can shoot away all day to your hearts content.”

Features of the DCA Custom S&T SMLE No.1 MkIII* H.T. Sniper Rifle include;

Realistic Markings
Realistic Walnut Finish
Real Wood Stock
Iron Bolt
Square Style Operational Cocking Piece
Detachable Box Magazine
Real Rear Sight
Real Nose Cap
Real Butt Plate
Replica Sling
Real WWI Era Scope (Actually of German C.P Goerz Berlin Production very similar to the British Design)
Real P14 Enfield Mounts Modified
Adjustable Hop Unit
Period Correct Finish
Period Correct Screws
2 x Sling Swivel (Piling Swivel has been removed)
Fixed Front Sight Post
Safety Catch

We’ll let the picture do the rest of the talking (simply click on the link for even more images); we’ll be on the range, but wherever you may be shooting in this great, wide world of BB-slinging, we wish you all a safe a very happy weekend of airsofting!