Our good friends at Land Warrior Airsoft just gave us a heads up that deliveries are finally flowing once again! They told us;

“We just received a shipment of goods from WADSN today at Land Warrior! Perfect for getting that new RIF you got at Christmas all dressed up and ready to play!”

Some of the new items they now have in include the NGAL, a low-profile high-quality PEQ full of features, from a Light and Laser model to a variant which includes an IR for those days you gotta Go Dark like Bravo 6! Another item they received in the delivery was the P4 Combined Device, finally an affordable light and laser option for those of you wanting to re-enact Eastern Kit faithfully without missing out on the advantages of an IR device!

Along with these new additions, plus many more lights, lasers, mounts and buttons, they also got in a general restock of many other popular WADSN items that you all know and love, such as the M300 and M600 Rifle Lights, PEQ’s and DBAL’s, rails for modern KeyMod and M-Lok handguards and so much more!

For all things WADSN and everything else airsoft, check out the LWA WEBSITE and be sure to also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on what’s going on at the store and any upcoming products news!