Following the release of the 4.3 AND 5.1 standard Hi-Capa models, as well as the long barreled, split-slide 7.0 Dragon, RAVEN have now released their compact version of the Hi-Capa range and we’ve been giving a couple of them a proper spanking on the range over the holidays!

With a snappy action and excellent gas efficiency on these shorter barreled models, the reduced slide travel distance as well as the resulting weight reduction gives the RAVEN Hi-Capa PROs both a fast cycle rate as well as really satisfying recoil impulse! The combination of the Hi-Capa’s large gas reservoir with the shortened slide also helps this pistol maintain performance in colder conditions when compared to bulkier sidearms, making the RAVEN Hi-Capa PRO a top-class performer, throughout the seasons.

Another great benefit of the shorter, lighter model is its ease of transition from target to target, making the RAVEN PRO ideal for CQB environments featuring lots of tight corners and doorways; you’ll be on target in an instant as you clear your corners with this little beastie! The clean slide hides a 6.03 mm inner barrel and the finely stippled grip holds a double stacked 23 BB magazine within, with plenty of room in the gas reservoir for multiple reloads!

We already love the RAVEN Hi Capa line, and we’ll be dropping our full findings on the PRO on the 15th, so as always stay tuned for the (Airsoft) action!