Yup, it’s that time again when we put out a shout to all our airsoft friends around the globe to place their vote for Airsoft Action in the annual Popular Airsoft Players Choice Awards!

The clock is most definitely ticking down now, and we’re into the endgame, so if you’re yet to cast your votes for Airsoft Action and all our friends in the big old world of airsoft, then please take time to do so as voting concludes on February 1st!

Every vote will count, so don’t think for a moment that your individual vote will not matter, and we truly value each and every one!

Of course, if we’re unlucky this year we will of course accept this humbly and not demand a recount…

Huge thanks to those we know have already cast a vote in our favour, and thanks to those of you that are yet to do so!

You can access the online voting platform by hitting THIS LINK TO THE PLAYERS CHOICE AWARDS