SPECNA ARMS continue to drop some useful accessories in addition to their ever-growing range of AEGs, and they’ve let us know that they now have an addition to their “suppressor range in the form of the MTU-FIRE V2!

They told us;

“We saw that you loved the MTU-Fire, so we had to react! We are pleased to introduce the new MTU V2! Like the previous model, the MTU-Fire V2 not only allows for the exposure of tracer BBs but also has an effective function of imitating the muzzle flash from the replica’s barrel with each shot thanks to high-power LEDs!”

Right now the MTU-FIRE V2 is available at GUNFIRE but will soon be available from other SPECNA ARMS distributors and in your favourite shops.

The MTU-FIRE V2 features:

– A double-sided backlight gives even better illumination of the BBs
– Illumination system sealed in a cylinder made out of durable plastic
– Aluminum silencer body imitating the shape of a multi-functional firearm muzzle device
– Internal UV LEDs (5W)
– Correct exposure with a rate of fire of up to 35 BBs per second
– Quick Charge function – 5 minutes of charging is enough to expose about 1000 shots!

This looks great to us, and the fact it resembles a neat little “SF-style suppressor” too should please a LOT of players too… we LIKE!