We’ve had great performance so far from the AEGS that we have in the Red Cell Test Pool from Evolution International (in fact we’ll be looking again at the RECON as we bring the SBR category up to date in Issue 141 in July!) and after welcoming the input and requests coming from players, they’ve decided to launch a new Limited Edition Smart Gun on the market!

The feature set makes it versatile in any gaming situation and super-solid thanks to the powerful E.T.S.III™, factory installed inside it.

Some of the new RECON XS EMR A AX ETS features are:

• Unique serial number
• 6.01 inner barrel
• Reinforced steel gears
• Sector gear delayer
• Reinforced gearbox
• Steel teeth piston
• Amplifier
• Flip up sights
• EMR Evolution Modular Rail
• 130 BB MID-CAP Magazine
• F.A.S.T. Flat Trigger
• Angled trigger Guard

Like all their other AEGs this new Limited Edition Smart Airsoft Gun is assembled in the Evolution International Factory in Milano, Italy, by technicians with more than 20 years of experience.

At Evolution International every mould and electronic component is designed from the ground-up and the Evolution Engineers write every line of code in the operating system that is the heart of the Smart Airsoft Gun; with the powerful E.T.S.III™ it’s possible to take a gun to the next level, as the E.T.S.III™ gives the player the opportunity to experience a new level of performance and endless programming possibilities.

The E.T.S. III™ is “ high technology” for sure, and Evolution International uses the most advanced design and engineering technologies to load a compact board with a multitude of functions that have endless possibilities and combinations while keeping the whole unit incredibly easy to program, without the need of external programming units or link cables.

Our friends at the Italian Company started talking about the Smart Airsoft Gun concept few months ago… and NOW IT’S A REALITY.

Check out their VIDEO HERE!